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Socio-political research

Lansdowne's experience of socio-political research is extremely broad and varied. We are the current contractors for the European Union's face-to-face Eurobarometer survey in Ireland (and have been for over 10 years) and form part of the overseeing committee for this key international research project.

We are adept at providing both qualitative and quantitative solutions to socio-political problems. We have, for example worked on issues as diverse as literacy, poverty, harassment and discrimination, sexual attitudes and the changeover to the Euro. You can be sure that our high quality quantitative resources and qualitative expertise will be available to assist you in whichever form of socio-political study your are considering.

However, our socio-political experience also includes pioneering the use of Exit Polls in Ireland - see our separate section on polls, where the actual results on election day are compared to our estimates for general elections, presidential elections, European Parliament elections etc.

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