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Lansdowne's Fresh Perspectives in Qualitative Research

When potential customers look at your product, service or company, they may see it quite differently from the way you had intended them to. You know
your own products intimately but your customers may not pay as much attention to (or even understand) what you do, make or provide.

They have a different perspective from your own, which may lead them to interpret your product or service - and the messages with which they are supported - in a fundamentally different way.

You need to understand what they see. You know that you have to deliver what your customers want, but also that you have to present it in a way that triggers a positive emotional or rational response, which will draw them to you, rather than to your competitors. You have to understand the fundamental motivating factors in your marketplace. And you have to satisfy these requirements by perceiving things from your customers' viewpoint - rather than from your own. The intelligent, studied and professional use of qualitative research is how you can get this fresh perspective.

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How can qualitative research add this different dimension?

Qualitative research paints a clear picture of the customers' psyche, because it relates to natural person-to-person dialogue.

The researcher's understanding of your customers' wants is established during carefully handled discussion groups or individual in-depth interviews. The people interviewed are selected because they are relevant to your product or service, or because it is believed that it should be more relevant to them.

While conscious, rational decisions govern many day-to-day activities, unconscious and subconscious thoughts and prejudices also impinge on many decisions. In such situations, good qualitative researchers can draw on a variety of 'enabling' techniques to help tap into those motivations. The researcher's skill is in deciding whether verbal responses or visual stimuli will yield a better understanding of, and feeling for, your customers' mindset.

Knowing the techniques and the market is vital

This is why working with Lansdowne makes sense. At Lansdowne, we have concentrated on outlining the skills which are critical to discovering what makes customers here 'tick': why they love some advertisements but dislike the products, feel good about particular companies but are indifferent to others.

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Where does Lansdowne excel?

We claim to do the best possible job at revealing the perspectives of customers. It is as simple as that. We have shed light on public reaction to so many brands, services, markets, advertisements and ideas in recent years. We may have worked in almost every product and service field, but we adopt a fresh and open-minded approach to each project, so that we can deliver the greatest benefit and insight to our clients. Our reports, presentations and the advice that we give to you will be both instructive and helpful. We bring our experience and expertise to bear to ensure that your perspective of your marketplace matches that of your customers'.

Our Promise to you

So, whether you are evaluating potential advertising directions or market shape, considering an internal brainstorming session developing a new product, diagnosing the sources of failure of a marketing initiative, or simply looking for a new 'look' to attract customers, give us a call.

We will help you to find out what it is that your customers see when they look at you - and we will tell you about it in a down-to-earth, action-oriented way.

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