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What is the Lansdowne Omnibus?

Omnibus is a cost-effective means of tracking consumer purchasing, awareness and attitude trends. If you are looking for reliable quantitative information on key issues affecting your market, Lansdowne's Omnibus is the answer.

Each nationally representative Lansdowne Omnibus survey covers a variety of topics from several (non-competing) clients. The costs of each survey are shared between clients in proportion to the number of questions each requires. But, the results are exclusive to each client - absolute confidentiality is guaranteed - no one else sees your questions or your results.

Questions can be directed to all adults or to specific groups - such as housewives, young people, car owners, alcohol drinkers, or simply to people who use your product. Naturally, Lansdowne's service also includes the design of a tailor-made questionnaire to meet your information needs.

How many interviews?

Lansdowne runs the largest Omnibus in the Republic of Ireland. Each year, we conduct personal in-home interviews with over 30,000 adults aged 15+ and cover over 150 different topics. Every two weeks, you can have access to a new sample of 1,200 adults, exactly representative of the national population, in 60 randomly selected sampling points.


You have the choice of alternative reporting formats - a report containing tables only - or a full report, including a charted presentation and management summary. 

Total analysis flexibility is available, but all Lansdowne Omnibus reports contain detailed demographic analyses as a standard feature.

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Your questions need to be finalised one week before interviewing starts. Topline results are available within four weeks of commissioning the study. A charted presentation and management summary can be prepared within a further two weeks.

Uses of Lansdowne's Omnibus

Lansdowne's Omnibus service offers you the opportunity to track changes in consumer habits and opinions - either on a short or long-term basis. It also helps you to quickly build up information on minority groups of the population, to produce reliable penetration estimates and bases for profiles.

Some of the marketing issues recently covered by Lansdowne Omnibus surveys have been to:

  • Track penetration of emerging technology.

  • Measure trial and consumer acceptance, following the launch of a new snack food.

  • Monitor brand switching activity in the beer market to identify recruitment and defection levels for individual brands.

  • Track homemakers' shopping patterns and customer satisfaction with multiple and symbol group stores.

  • Annually monitor the corporate image of major public companies.

  • Identify emerging niche sectors within the alcoholic drinks market.

  • Measure attitudes to editorial content of newspapers, radio and TV programmes.

  • Determine awareness, comprehension and reactions to new services in the financial sector.

  • Build up a reliable base of foreign traveller visit patterns and preferences.

  • Measure public opinion on a wide range of social and political issues.


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