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Face-To-Face Interviewing

Since its foundation in 1979, Lansdowne has prided itself on its expertise in conducting face-to-face interviewing. As we have the largest number of face-to-face interviewers in the Republic of Ireland, we are able to conduct both nationally representative studies and area-specific studies within tightly agreed timeframes and subject to tight sampling controls. Face-to-face interviewing is particularly appropriate when printed material has to be shown, or products tested (either in-home or at a central location).

Our 400-strong interviewing fieldforce is spread throughout the 26 counties of Ireland, covering even the most remote rural parts of the country. (Ireland has one of the lowest population densities of any of the countries in the European Union). All our interviewers are directly controlled from our head office, which facilitates the highest quality of fieldwork. We abide by the stringent fieldwork quality standards set by AIMRO (the Association of Irish Market Research Organisations), and by the ESOMAR and MRS (UK) Codes of Conduct.

We have most experience in undertaking face-to-face interviewing in-home (which remains the norm for most research in the Republic of Ireland) but we have also significant experience of conducting random route interviewing within the major cities of Ireland. We also conduct face-to-face the Joint National Readership Research survey, among a nationally representative random probability sample of 7000 or more individuals.

In addition, we conduct site-specific studies in relation to shopping centres, individual retail outlets, sites/museums etc.

You can be sure that Lansdowne will bring to bear the full extent of its research and fieldwork experience in delivering the most effective face-to-face interviewing solution in the Republic of Ireland.

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