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Customer Satisfaction

Making sure that customers are happy with the product or service and being treated well by staff is essential to a successful and profitable business. So it is no surprise that Customer Satisfaction research has been the mainstay of research programmes in recent years.

The research industry has used traditional Customer Satisfaction surveys to help clients determine which factors have most influence on the satisfaction of their customers, and then measure the clients success in keeping their customers as satisfied as possible in these key areas.

Nevertheless, despite very high satisfaction scores, customers often choose to defect to the competition. Clearly, satisfaction is an imperfect predictor of loyalty and customer commitment.

Lansdowne has therefore taken Customer Satisfaction research to the next stage by ensuring that, where appropriate, we are measuring customer commitment or retention as well as simply satisfaction.

The key research objective of any customer satisfaction survey is to provide empirical data on customer perceptions of service, quality, back-up etc. More specifically, the research needs to be developed to:

  • measure customer satisfaction across various key issues among all customers.

  • ascertain an overall measure of satisfaction that can be used in the calculation of a weighted index, in order to measure the relative importance of each aspect of service.

  • provide a measure of customer loyalty and referral intention to highlight those services which impact most on commitment to the brand.

  • Using both those satisfaction and impact measures to:-

    1. To determine those issues where satisfaction is low and specify which of them clients should target for immediate improvement in overall customer satisfaction

    2. To pinpoint those issues where, although the client's performance is currently "OK", any further improvement would lead to customer "delight"

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