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Lansdowne CATI Services

Lansdowne has a state-of-the-art computer aided telephone interviewing service (CATI), which allows you rapid access to your required audience. Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing is especially well suited to business research, since telephone ownership is the life-blood of business organisations. It is however, also particularly efficient for surveys of the general public customer where customer (or non-customer) lists are used.

With telephone ownership in Ireland now at 87% (source: Lansdowne Joint National Readership Research (January - December 2000). Lansdowne is conducting many CATI studies of the general public. We also run a regular Telebus service of 1000 nationally representative interviews a month. 

Our facility is of the highest standard comprising 75 machines, which represents the largest unit of its type available in Ireland. Clients there are invited to come and see our purpose built CATI Centre, in Jervis Street, the very heart of Dublin. The Lansdowne CATI Facility uses the most up-to-date computer software to control the flow of interview, making sure that all the right questions are asked in the right sequence. Simultaneous quality control of interview is undertaken by the full-time manager's and superiors in our CATI Centre.

As for any project, the Lansdowne research team will advise you on the most appropriate questions, design your questionnaire, analyse results and provide you with an interpretative analysis of the key findings. We will also advise you on the best sampling technique for your survey and give you a speedy timetable to actionable results.

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