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The first of the summer months has caused slight disruption in the Adwatch league and welcomed some newcomers to the fold.

However, the first two slots remained unchanged and it would appear that Guinness and the National Safety Council are assuming an unrelenting presence at the top. Vodafone Live, with its ubiquitous advertising approach has been teetering around the median since January, but in recent months, fluctuates between the third and fourth position.

This month, Heineken has outpaced Budweiser for the first time in 2003. Its recent campaign is set in a general grocery store and features the lovely Jennifer Aniston, undertaking a quest to buy Heineken. The task becomes quite the operation as the positioning of the Heineken bottles on the top shelf renders them unattainable to the young lady in question. However, a dark stranger arrives to rescue the damsel in distress by effortlessly retrieving the only two remaining bottles of Heineken from their inaccessible position. This is done much to the gratitude of Ms Aniston who duly flashes him an appreciative smile to reimburse his efforts. But alas, her charm does not have the desired effect or outcome as the dark stranger has other ideas and walks off with the much-coveted bottles of Heineken.

Whiskas has entered the league this month with its campaign for Whiskas Complete, extolling the crunchy nugget qualities of dry cat food. The execution starts with a cat eating a bowl of the product, while in the background, we see a mouse in the form of an adventurer, whose mission is to gain the attention of the cat by embarking on a bungee jump stunt from the toggle of the blind. The bungee jump commences and the little performer is catapulted numerous times into the cat's bowl of milk. However, the subject of the mouse's affections is having none of it and dismisses the mouse by simply removing the bowl of milk from his line of vision in a most nonchalant manner, rendering the stunt and the mouse's objective useless, as the floor now becomes the new landing pad. The conclusion gleaned from the cat's behaviour is, "There's nothing cats would rather eat". The campaign takes on a new and refreshing approach compared to pragmatic previous executions with the "Nine out of Ten Cats Prefer ..." theme, however, it still communicates the cat's preference and enjoyment for Whiskas as its central subject matter.

Daz and Coca-Cola, while slipping gradually this month, are still retaining top ten status.

Tesco makes its first entrance since December 2002; two grocery stores have not featured in the same Adwatch since September 2002. Does this suggest that the league ain't big enough for two grocery stores?

Compiled by : Danielle Fletcher, Lansdowne Market Research.

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