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Advertising & Brand Tracking

Advertising and brand tracking has been a major growth sector of the market research industry, much of it stimulated by the introduction of new approaches and improved methodologies. Lansdowne has been at the forefront of these developments in Ireland using a number of techniques that bring greater sensitivity, and diagnostic capabilities in assessing advertising effectiveness.

There are certain tasks that all advertising has to perform in order to have any effect on the brand, namely

  • Reach the target audience

  • Penetrate the attention of those reached

  • Communicate the intended messages to those who are attentive

  • Ensure that those messages are bonded to the correct brand name


Ideally, the right blend of creative executional elements, coupled to the media plan, will ensure that these tasks are completed with 100% effectiveness. However, in the real world, this ideal situation is rarely if ever achieved because in part the increasingly cluttered and fragmented media environment makes it more and more difficult to reach and involve target audiences.

Extra emphasis is often placed on media and executional creativity to enable advertising to pierce the clutter and grab the attention of the audience. This can sometimes only be achieved at the expense of upsetting the balance of the executional elements. High impact levels can sometimes only be achieved at the expense of swamping the brand name or obscuring the message or both. Everybody can remember examples of advertising they can remember well but have no idea as to the brand being advertised.

The Lansdowne approach is widely used by companies in Ireland, UK and around the world. It uses a question format that shows how the advertising is performing on each task and most importantly, show where improvement is required to move towards the ideal. It is crucial to be able to disentangle the various elements of reach, impact, branding and communication in this way, in order to maximise the efficiency of the advertising.

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