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Massive increase in newspaper readership

More than 3 million adults now read a newspaper in a typical week. That's the main finding in the latest Joint National Readership Survey (JNRS), covering the 12 months from July 2003 to June 2004, which was published today.

The report highlights a huge increase in readership of newspapers, with 19 out of 20 adults (i.e. aged 15+) now reading newspapers. The report also shows that daily newspapers have attracted a staggering 136,000 additional readers in the past 12 months, while Sunday 'papers have picked up 135,000 new readers in the same period.

The massive increase in readership applies across the board, with readership now exceeding 90% across all demographic groups including teenagers. This will come as a major boost to the industry, with young people still choosing newspapers for their news and entertainment.

"It is a huge boost for the industry," agreed Frank Cullen, coordinating director of the National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI). "More than anything, it shows that newspapers offer fantastic value for money in what is an extremely competitive market.

"One of the great strengths of a newspaper is that it requires you to make a choice," Mr Cullen went on. "Every day, hundreds of thousands of people go out, put their hand in their pocket and pay cash for their favourite newspaper. No other medium inspires that sort of positive choice."

Highlights of the 2003-2004 JNRS report include:

•  90% of 15-24 year olds read the average issue of a newspaper

•  61% of 15-24 year olds say they "often try products" after having seen a newspaper ad

•  49% of people are loyal to their newspaper and would not change

•  74% of men regularly read the sports pages of newspapers

•  52% of women like reading about food and drink

•  66% of women enjoy reading about leisure activity

The JNRS report also shows that the average issue readership of any newspaper is now up to 92%, a significant increase that is likely to confirm newspapers as an unrivalled medium through which advertisers can reach their audience.

"These figures are not only good for newspapers," Frank Cullen said, "they're good for the advertising industry too. They're also a reflection of a more buoyant economy and a more literate workforce, in which people are taking an unprecedented interest in reading. Today's report bodes very well for the literacy of the Irish people."

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