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Muslims in Ireland



Overall, the Muslim community in Ireland appear to feel well integrated and accepted by society and to have a postive view of Irish democracy and diversity.

Encouragingly, the majority believe that current relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Ireland are good and over 6 in 10 believe that Islam is compatable with Irish life.

It is also encouraging that 6 in 10 find Irish non-Muslims tolerant of Muslims.

Unfortunately, there are some signs of intolerance with nearly a third experiencing hostility while living here and nearly 1 in 4 experiencing Islamaphobia. Those aged 35+, and who have been living here for longer, experience this most. Which might be partially to do with older muslims dressing differently to younger Mulsims but also from years of exposure.

There is potentially a degree of discrepancy in Irish Muslims views, where most like Irelands democracy but at the same time do not believe that people in Ireland should be free to speak their mind even when it might be considered offensive. This can obviously come down to personal definitions of offensive.

Clearly, Irish Muslims see their religion as a very important part of their lives with two thirds believing that religion, in general, should play a greater role in Irish life.

While Irish Muslims feel well integrated, and see no reasons why they can not be fully accepted into Irish society, at the same time nearly 4 in 10 believe they should keep their separate identity and have no restrictions on wearing the veil. This is potentially where both Muslims and non-Muslims might need to appreciate each others' cultures.





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