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Press Release


Lansdowne Market Research presented exclusive research at an evening seminar on “Multiculturalism and Consumerism” in Ireland at the Marketing Society's evening seminar on 23rd June at 6.30pm in the Mont Clare Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin.

Lansdowne's research shows that Irish people have a good appreciation of the contribution immigration is making to the country's continued wealth ( 47% agree that we need lots of immigrants to keep our economic boom going). However, maintaining and showing off this new found wealth is all important as we have become the new “ Kings of Bling” , significantly changing our attitudes towards brands, services and consumption.

Lansdowne's research also shows that there are four very distinct attitudinal mindsets in Ireland towards immigrants. These range from the negative and fearful (i.e. “Ireland was better before immigrants started coming here”) to the more welcoming and positive (“Ireland needs lots of immigrants to keep the economic boom going”). These different mindsets have a significant influence on how we integrate and live together, as well as the products we buy and services we use. With 1 in 3 of us knowing few or no immigrants (see chart), integration is clearly important to overcome the ignorance, which 2 in 3 of us agree is the country's biggest barrier as multiculturalism develops.

3 in 4 of us agree that our growing cultural mix has added far more interest to food and entertainment in the country. Growing multiculturalism is clearly developing new groups of consumers with new opportunities for Irish brands and companies.

With 8% of Ireland's residents now coming from other countries, and strong immigration predicted for the next 10 years or more, we need to be more multi-culturally sensitive. Economic integration appears to be occurring ahead of social inclusion, which may lead to divisiveness in the future.

If you would like to see the full findings from this research please contact Richard Waring, Lansdowne Market Research on 01-6613483 or



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