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Irish People Back London Bid


An exclusive poll by Lansdowne Market Research for the Sunday Times suggests the long- established Irish habit of opposing our English neighbours in all their sporting endeavours may be in decline. The Lansdowne poll asked 1000 Irish adults - ahead of the IOC vote next week in Singapore - which city they would most like to see host the 2012 Olympic games. The results clearly indicate that Irish people favour the London bid: Paris is a distant second, with Madrid in third place. Perhaps surprisingly, (given our historically warm relationship with the City), New York receives scant support from Irish people, while Moscow is firmly out in the cold as a venue.

Interestingly, London is the favoured venue across all demographic groups regardless of age, gender, social class or home region. Support exists across the board for the London bid.

Is this a sign of our more mature relationship with our closest neighbour and our own self-confidence as a country? Are England's successes, sporting or otherwise, no longer a cause of resentment to us? Alternatively do we see an economic opportunity with money to be made from having the greatest show on earth virtually on our doorstep? Or is it simply that as a nation of sport lovers we simply feel that a London games would provide the easiest opportunity for us to attend events in person? Whatever the reason, it is clear that Irish people hope the IOC will deliver the games close to home in 2012.

Note on methodology:

Interviews conducted by telephone with a nationally representative sample of 1000 Irish adults aged 15+. All interviews were conducted by Lansdowne Market Research between June 14th -23rd . Margin of error is +/- 3%.



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