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Poll Shows Modest Gains for Government - II

By Roger Jupp, Managing Director, Lansdowne Market Research


Key Issues

In our increasingly affluent society, crime, law and order and vandalism are becoming more of an issue, rising in importance since this time last year. Drug and alcohol abuse rank fifth and sixth in the order of concerns, raising some questions about the nature of our new society. Similarly, Dubliners are complaining about traffic congestion and public transport, making it the fifth most important issue. Those aged 25-34 are most perturbed by the cost of living, healthcare and medical costs, house prices and, to a markedly high degree, childcare provision and costs.

The Run Up To The General Election

For the opposition parties, opportunities clearly exist to gain political advantage. While they have not made ground in support over the past year, they may well see chances to further attack the government's performance on healthcare and crime. The next months will certainly hold out the prospect of some intense political activity, as the election draws inexorably closer.



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