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New Opinion Poll Amongst Older People Explores Attitudes to Ageing


One of Ireland's oldest charities re-brands itself as IndependentAge

The older people get, the happier they are about the idea of ageing according to a major new opinion poll published today. The poll explores the attitudes of people over 50 to the idea of ageing and examines the major hopes and concerns people have for their “golden years”. The poll was undertaken in recent weeks by Lansdowne Market Research via their omnibus survey for IndependentAge – a charity which champions independent living for older people.

The poll finds that 52% of people over the age of 70 agree strongly with the statement that “Growing older is better than I imagined it to be”. This compares to just 24% of people in their 50s. Female respondents are more likely to agree strongly with the statement (37%) compared to Males (28%).

The survey also confirms that concerns about health, independence and the prospect of living in a nursing home top the list of fears people have about getting older. 42% identify “being cared for in a nursing home” as one of the possibilities they fear most. Two thirds identify “poor health/disability” and almost one in two “not being able to look after myself”.

When asked about the most useful resource to maintain independence in older life, three quarters identify the support of family and neighbours as most important, followed by receiving visits and contact with people.

As might be expected, finances are a significant concern for people as they get older. 42% identify additional financial support and one third believe more money is amongst the most useful factors to remain independent. Almost 7 out of 10 say that they agree strongly with the statement that “the Government could do more to assist older people financially.” Support for this statement was strongest amongst people in their 50s (72%) compared to just 60% of people over the age of 70.

Speaking today, Sally de Bromhead, Director of IndependentAge in the South, said that the

re-branding marked an exciting new era for the charity; “We believe that the name IndependentAge better reflects the focus of our work which is all about helping older people to remain independent in their own homes.”

“This survey confirms the desire of the overwhelming majority of people to live independently and to remain active and engaged with their families and friends through their years. Our charity is committed to helping people in that aim and in particularly to ensure that those who can continue to live independently at home are given every help possible to do so.”


Further Information:

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Editor's Note: IndependentAge is a non-denominational charity that champions the cause of independence for older people. It provides support to older people who are struggling to survive on low incomes to live independently at home. As well as providing financial support in the form of a life-long annuity and grants for emergency costs, there is a network of volunteer visitors who offer the very important emotional support that regular contact brings. IndependentAge spends over €800,000 a year on support for people in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.



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