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Lansdowne/UCD study for HSE on public attitudes towards health services
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28/09/07 - Lansdowne Poll for annual brokers conference shows economic and property confidence is dropping fast
27/09/07 - Prime Time Opinion Poll on Aer Lingus Shannon/Heathrow decision
Changing Attitudes to Road Safety
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Lansdowne Market Research Exit Poll Uncannily Accurate...
Lansdowne Market Research Exit Poll 2007 Full Results
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Muslims in Ireland
Lansdowne Market Research poll broadcasted on RTE Prime Time Investigates 18/12/06
Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage
Lansdowne Market Research poll, which was commissioned by GLEN, the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network.
Bank of Ireland Trading up Deal
Research conducted by Lansdowne Market Research for Bank of Ireland Mortgages indicates that it is the unexpected costs associated with trading up along with...
Bank of Ireland Mortgages launches enhanced Trade Up Mortgage offering
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Survey reveals drivers' reckless attitudes
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Lansdowne/Irish Examiner Opinion Poll September '06
Poll shows modest gains for Government......
New research finds that 76% of Irish people think that planes linked to rendition should be checked.
Amnesty International (Ireland) commissioned Lansdowne Market Research to conduct research on the issue of “extraordinary renditions” through Shannon. Click here to view
Focus Ireland Four Peaks Challenge '06
Focus Ireland aims to advance the right of people-out-of-home to live in a place they call home through quality services, research, and advocacy..
"What do we know about our history"
Lansdowne Back to School Quiz - As featured on The Tubridy Show 5/10/'05
Lansdowne figures indicate SSIA effect on consumer spending and saving
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